Nice to know me

Eyyyy, bear with me through this one Kay, I’m bad at introduction. So…

Hi my name is Jia Ming. I live in the north-south area of a small country, Singapore 😀 I’m a teen and I was a ballet dancer for 6 years. I’m now into choir as my co-curricular activity in school.

I’m obsessed with vintage and i find it amazing. (Nov 2015 update) Books are now sooo my thing, and movies can’t beat it✌️Traveling to Los Angeles, California, Brighton, UK, Korea, Tokyo  and Taiwan is my dream. I have a huge family with approx 11 cousins, 9 uncles, 10 aunts and 4 grandparents (not counting those that I’ve never met before) 😀

I was inspired to blog as I express my feelings better through writing. My favourite subject is English Literature and Science. I’ve joined youtube as of last year but only started to post vlogs up this year. I still upload but with only 13 subscribers 😥

Anyway, I will be blogging about Food, Fashion, School, Moments, Tips or just anything that floats my boat.

Hope this introduction lets you know me better :)) ❤

Love, Jia Ming


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