Happy Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year

I haven’t been blogging lately this year, bcause of hectic preparation for new school year, secondary school work, projects and duties etc. So on to the main blog :

why I started blogging 

 I didn’t really talked about why i started blogging in my first intro blog, so here’s why. I am able to relate a lot to a few famous Singapore bloggers that I love, like Wendy, XiaXue, Andrea Chong, Jemma Wei and all ^^ I love literature, thus writing, and I can express a lot of my feelings through blog posts like this even though anyone rarely reads it. It also helps me to relive stress in a way, to communicate with others through words. Blog posts can also be a form of ‘evidence’ that I’ve actually gone through this, I’ve actually done that, blah blah blah, when you look back at it.

How 2015 has been so far 

Oh mai gosh, you have to idea how tremendous and also amazing this year started out at the same time.

Amazing part of 2015

Few fun things : 1) I had an amazing level camp this year on the 8th of January. We had the chance to participate in camping, kayaking and high element activities, love. I, after so many years, finally dared to try out abseiling, and to my surprise, I actually fell in love with it, which gives me a new motto for this year, try everything out and you’ll never know when you’ll fall in love with it. (Tip for you guys too!) 2) I finally had the chance (after so long as well) to have a family day on Pedestrians Night at Scott’s rd near Ion Orchard. It’s a sort of festival on the week of New Year where they close off the road to let you walk on and take pictures of pretty lights. 3) we had a few family day out on consecutive Saturday’s to Ochard, as mentioned, Lower seletar Reservoir and Labrador Nature Reserve, which I get to have a first glance at, during my level camp. 4) Bookworm time: I’ve read The divergent trilogy back to back this year, taking less than a week to finish them all. ❤ Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant, and so far, Insurgent was my favourite. 5) YOUTUBERS, BETHANY MOTA RETWEETED MY TWEET AND ANDREA’S CHOICE RETWEETED AND FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER! (Died)

So…Enough about good stuff, now about bad..

Bad part about 2015

I got ditched by some of my ‘closest friends’ last year and they called me a two-faces b*ch (bummer). But my real friends, since the start of 2014, didn’t take those bullshit and they still treat me like a friend and my clique is officially called ‘Lup Sup Baes’ 😂 (created by yours truly)


2015 was not really bad, especially school moments with my baes. I hope you have had a wonderful start to this, hopefully amazing, journey and may you all have good health:) Of course, Happy New Year, Valentine’s Day (even for singles out there) and 新年快乐 (Happy CNY)

Have a good 2015 and may it stay amazing ❤

Love, Jia Ming