14 Knowledges for 14 Years

It’s been long since I’ve blogged. Tbh, I don’t think many are going to see this, so I’m just going to write for the sake of memory 😛

14 Knowledge I’ve Learnt for the last 14 years of my life🙂

1) The art of losing.

In life, you would loose some people, but in the process, you’ll get to find out and realize who your real friends are and who you should stay away from.

2) What you look like, doesn’t define you.

There will always be expectations that make you feel bad and self conscious. But to overcome that obstacle, you would have learnt to love yourself in a way not everyone can be able to understand.

3) Cherish or perish..

I learnt that you have to cherish your friends and family when they are still around. You would not want to regret not loving them enough and that you did not tell them you love them. I finally realize that once that person is gone, you can’t do anything to change it.

4) Jealousy is just a waste of emotion.

You can be inspired by someone, because it makes you want to change for the better. But to be jealous, you are disliking another person for being better than you, and you’ll do silly things to be higher than them. Not better.

5) Change for no one but yourself.

 It means to accept who you are and to change because you want to and not to please others. It’s your body and you can do anything you want with it. But don’t let social expectations limit what you want for yourself.

6) Friend or foe?

A friend is someone who is with you during the happy times, BUT stays with you through the hard times. They back you up when you’re down and do whats best for you. A foe is someone who shares happy times with you, but let you fight for your own battle when the time comes.

7) Tick-tock goes the clock.

Spend your time wisely and not waste it on boyfriends, social media or what not. I learnt that you really have to take advantage of the time you have and make the most out of it 🙂

8) Do good deeds!

By just baking simple goods for someone close to you is a deed. For me, it makes me happy that others enjoy what I made for them and both parties are happy. That’s what matters.

9) Love or affection?

 Love and affection are two different things but one not existing without the other. A lot of people think that when they  see someone ‘hot’ and that person make their heart skip a beat, it’s love. School taught me that there is a fine line between love and affection. Love is something continuos and needs long lasting commitment. Affection is just a feeling of attraction towards someone else but does not necessarily involve a long-time relationship.

10) Feel your life up with memories you would like to share with people. Not one you would keep as a secret.

This is because a secret is when you keep unsightly things from others because it is not right. If you are able to share a particular memory, it means it’s good and clean. So again, no regrets 🙂

11) Be your best. Not the best.

Being your best is when you don’t compare yourself with others or use the best result and move towards that goal (cos I’m sure that’s the wrong goal gurl). Using your own results and achieving better each time is how one can improve on self development

12) Hater back off!

You can’t just block of anyone who disagrees with you. It’s okay to have people disagreeing with what you’re doing because from their comments, you can do a better job next time. But if someone is making unnecessary comments about things that doesn’t matter, like how you look, who you should or should not hang out with etc. It’s because their negativity is stopping you from doing what you love. That’s how you know who you should block out.

13) Appreciate

Appreciate everything your parents have done and sacrificed for you because they have given up their carefree life to raise you into a beautiful child that they hope would be worth all their hard work.

14) Know your limits

I’m sure everyone’s all about pushing limits to achieve higher goals. But from personal experience, working a little bit harder to reach further than the goal and pushing to be the best among everyone is very different. So be careful. (;

These are 14 knowledges I’ve learnt throughout the 14 years of my life and I can’t wait to add more to the list!

Summer holiday is ending soon so make the best out of it!

Love, Jia Ming ❤️