Book Review – Timesurfers by Rhonda Sermon 

Hello there! I recently got a chance to read Timesurfers written by a Goodreads author, Rhonda Sermon. She held a read-along on her Instagram and formed a group called #TimesurfersSG. The Street gang consists about 50 book lovers that are opened to support new authors 🙂

Timesurfers is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy book that is very captivating and interesting!


When fifteen year old Cate accidentally brings a dead cheerleader back to life her connection to the secretive Timesurfers is revealed. The Timesurfers travel through time and battle the powerful dark forces intent on manipulating history.

(They just simply make sure that history is not manipulated or changed, so that the present and future may be safe 😉

*And, I’ll let you in on a little secret from the book. History resets at midnight each night and only a Timesurfer sees the alternate time lines.

(I always try my best to give a spoiler-free review! So you can enjoy reading the book and my review with ease 🙂


I’ve always felt sceptical about books related to time travelling. Now I’m in love with them! Each character is well build up and described. I love the way Rhonda balances out the atmosphere of different situation.

The whole plot is perfectly drafted out! I think that it’s very intriguing, knowing that the Timeurfers in 2017 already knew what happened in 2014, their past, they can still be able to change – emotionally. If you’re contemplating on whether you would like this book or not, you should take my word that this book would be way beyond your expectation! ^^ From an anti-time travelling book person to an obsessed one, you should really try and read this book.

Rhonda has done an amazing job, and I would like to thank her for letting me join her read along and also providing us a free ebook of the Timesurfers. I’m excited that, the #TimesurfersSG will be receiving the sample ARC for book 2 soon!

Awesome or nah:


(5 rainbow hair extensions out of 5)


“No! She needs help.” Cate knelt and placed a hand on Brittany’s chest, and also checked for a pulse in her neck.

“She’s gone,” Rose said.

Cate saw Rose was correct, literally. It was like looking at an X-ray. She could see the inner workings of Brittany’s body. Yikes! She snatched her hand away.

Curious, she again placed a hand on Brittany’s chest. She pressed a tentative palm against Brittany’s broken vertebrae. Instinct told her to concentrate, visualise the break mending and Brittany’s heart starting to beat. Brittany’s heart shuddered and started to pound. Then she groaned and moved her shoulders.

Cate squeaked and scuttled backward. What the…? Panic sucked all the air from her lungs. She could almost hear the clunk, clunk, clunk as her brain turned, fighting to comprehend the situation. 

Brittany sat up and shoved Rafe…

Excerpt From: Sermon, Rhonda. “Timesurfers.” iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.


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