Blogmas-Days till Christmas: 5

5 book hacks that you need to know

  1. Sticky tabs or post-its are life. If you are a reader that likes to reread a good book, you should try to tab on lines in the book that you like (while you’re reading) so when you want to go back to the book again, you can find the more interesting parts easily, since you already know the gist of the story.
  2. My own personal book hack – book bag. Get a pouch or a small bag to place all your book-ish items in. For mine, I place in bookmarks, post-it’s, some book receipts and the sorts. This way, you wouldn’t have to search all over your room to find something. (Tip: put this bag near your bedside – our wherever your reading spot is. Don’t put it somewhere – like you desk where you’d have to get up and go get it. This also doubles as #LazyHack😂)
  3. Books have feelings too! If you prefer to dog-ear your book, no judgment here (but.. Really??) Anyways, you know how sometimes while you’re reading, and you accidentally let go of the page you’re at and the book flops to a close?! Well there are DIY bookmarks for the corner of your book so you can read hands-free!

A very pretty floral tumblr-ish design 🙂
There are book-themed ones of course
and last but not least, quirky ones XD
4. Update frequently with Goodreads app! It’s a good way to gage your reading activity and the amount of books you’ve read over the year. Goodreads hold a Reading Challenge at the beginning of every year and holds a Choice Award at the end of each year.(lol. I’m not paid to say this :P) It helped me a lot to explore the reading community I love!! (Time for shameless self-promo: ADD ME ON GOODREADS!) 

5. Last-Wrapping up your book. If you’re like me, and you like to bookstagram your books, taking a photo of a wrapped book with flash is a bitch. (I’m being real and forward here). So here’s my tip: while you’re reading a book, you can temporarily wrap it by not taping the wrapper onto the book. Instead, simply secures the overlapping corners. This way, after you’ve finished reading, you can remove the wrapper and take you pic 😉

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Have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy the coming Christmas!

Love, JiaMing ❤️