Blogmas-Days till Christmas: 4

4 Perfect book lover gifts

With a little note at the end 😉

  1. A BOOK OF COURSE. Any book from a genre that your friend, family, bae, whoever. A bookworm never says no to receiving a book as a gift. (Cos we broke af after buying too much books at one go.) 
  2.   BOOK MERCH FTW. Come on. Need I say more? It’s Teo words, ‘book’ and ”merchandise’. What can go wrong? (Unless you bought them the wrong fandom book merch. Then.. RIP)
  3.   BOOKMARKS. You can also never go wrong with bookmarks. Every good disciplined reader need one  trust me 👌🏼 (Actually, who am I kidding?! Don’t. Discretion is advised.)
  1.   ANYTHING COMFY. So that your friend can read in heaven and think about you at the same time. Duh? Have you thought about that? Don’t think so. Mugs, soft blanket, socks, hot cocoa, throw pillow (WITH QUIRKY BOOK REFRENCES ON IT) or even just a simple note 🙂

P.s. 1) if you’ve read until here, you a real bae – Comment ‘Unfathomablereads Blogmas rawks‘. 2) Even though it’s suppose to be a gift guide, it’s actually just a wish-list. Don’t tell Santa. I just hope he reads my blogs to find this. (Even though we never celebrate Christmas in my household XD)
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Have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy the coming Christmas!

Love, JiaMing ❤️