Blogmas-Days till Christmas: 2!


2 awesome book authors

Rainbow Rowell Author of Fangirl, Eleanor & Park, Carry On and Attachment etc. 

I’ve always loved Rainbow Rowell’s works! Her books are mostly my first half of books. I’ve only got 4 of her books but it’s the most I have for the same author (excluding Rick Riordan, since his works are usually series). Her works are all very beautiful. Most of her novels are very free and easy, which I really appreciate 🙂

Rhonda SermonAuthor of Timesurfers 

I only got to know Rhonda from Instagram when someone reposted the picture for the Read-along. I thank the heavens that I wasn’t too late. If not, I’d miss this awesome opportunity to make so many new friends that are super supportive! This is also my very first read-along with the author of the book herself, where the author is very invoked and active.


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Have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy the coming Christmas!

Love, JiaMing ❤️