Blogmas-Days to Christmas: only 1! 

1 gratitude speech by yours truly…

Gosh! Only one day left till the Eve of Christmas 😀 How is everyone doing? I hope all is well^^ 

This year has been wonderful. Especially the small blossoms of my Instagram (@crazypurf) Unfathomablereads (blog) and my YouTube channel! 

I’ve gone from 2 followers here since I started last November to 23 followers! Yes, it’s may be a super small number compared to 100 over but every number counts (: And every single blog post that I publish has at least 5 likes. Even though some may be just likes-without-reading, I’m still glad that people read and are able to relate. Sometimes others don’t know how much comments can mean. It really touches my heart when someone loves my blog 🙂 (Thank you Ricah! If you still read my blogs)

I also really need to thank my Instagram aquaintences, even though they might not read this, but having them in this community really encourages me! 

Some people I like to mention:  

  1. Dilara C from @Deceivedbydreams (we have street gang telepathy 😉)
  2. Marne from @abooktropolis (super supportive morsel ❤️)
  3. @booksforeverfandom (damn, both our stalker tendencies… Glad we clicked through bone season!)
  4. Rhonda Sermon author (Super supportive snd friendly! And thank you for liking my Timsurfers creations. Appreciate it ^^)
  5. Kaylee & Kayla from @ourbookworld (even though I don’t which one of you guys I’m talking to most of the time, u guys are a Super friendly bookstagram! P.s. I prefer dogs 🐶)

———-That’s all I have for today’s Blogmas, hope you liked it! Share or like this if you enjoyed it 🙂 Add me on my Social media, YouTube, Goodreads, Insta etc- all can be found in the menus at the far bottom.

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Have a wonderful Holiday and enjoy the coming Christmas!

Love, JiaMing ❤️