Looking forward to: 2016

Ahhhhhh! It’s finally 2016 and I’m going to be 15 this year!! 2015 was filled with quite a number of awesome opportunities like:


Participating in a Read-along held by the author herself, Rhonda Sermon.


Winning two book giveaways, 1) Timesurfers book and 2) Lady of Midnight sneak peek by @the.booklovers.guide


Joining Bloggers unite that will be officially starting in a week or so! With lots of awesome book-related opportunities!

Looking forward to:
Books in 2016:

  1. Glass Sword, when I actually get hold of Red Queen first ☹ (Febuary)  
  2. Lady of Midnight by Cassie Clare (March)  
  3. The Rose and the Dagger by Renée Ahdieh (May)  
  4. The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon (November)  
  5. Timesurfers book #2! (Which Rhonda still haven’t reveal the title and the date yet!)

Movies, TV series in 2016:

  1. SHADOWHUNTERS TV SERIES!!!!! (Been waiting for Bae for soooo long! 12 more days!!)  
  2. More The Originals and Arrow please!!    
  1. Allegiant 😀 (Not super pumped since Insurgent was, so-so but still excited 🙂 )  
  2. More updates on the The Selection turning into a movie!  

Others, in 2016

  1. Starting my Art elective (for 2 more years, till I graduate) and learning more in-depth about Art!
  2. Getting my Identification Card (IC) 😂

That’s all I have for today, hope you liked it!

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Love, JiaMing ❤️