Nice to know me II 

My first blog post was Nice to Know Me which was 383 days ago. (On December 14 2014, to be exact) Originally, I wanted this blog to be a lifestyle blog. But little did I know, I turned into a book-unicorn 🦄  last year in 2015!! That’s how this blog transformed into a book blog! ❤

So today, I want to do a part 2 since it has been more than a year since my blog started 🙂

About Moi, 

Hello, it’s me.


  1. Name: My name is Jia Ming, if you haven’t known already. 😛 (It’s practically everywhere if you actually read my blog 😂)
  2. Age: I am a teen and going to be 15 this year.
  3. Race: I’m Chinese, Asian and I’m proud of it.
  4. Where I Live: 
    The Southeast Asia Map

    I live in the North-South part of a tiny country in Southeast Asia, Singapore. (You can’t really see it on the map (it’s that tiny) but it’s there near the big country, Indonesia.)

  5. Siblings: I have two younger siblings and I am the oldest. (We’re all females)
  6. Religion: My Mom’s side is Christian and my Dad’s side is Buddhist. But I’m Christian 🙂


A little more in-depth about me, shall we? 

a more recent one. Yea? 😀


  1. Personality: I hope to think that I am the queen of sarcasm, since my friends calls me that. If you’ve converse with me, on Instagram maybe, you’d know that I’m not the shy or gentle type. I think I’m sorta crazy? (In a good way I hope!) But I’ve been called cool before,so 😎
  2.  Personality II: I’m sometimes kinda mean to people who goes over the line and disrespect me 😅 But I treat acquaintances that really wants to get to know me well 🙂
  3. Personality III: I’ve managed my anger since long ago, but I used to be super short tempered. Now, that title is being passed on to my sister 😂
  4. Something that I used to do: I’ve done ballet for a straight 6 years since I was 7, but I stopped about a year or two ago. Since I stopped at grade 5 or 6, the next grade was suppose to be staring on pointe shoes. That’s why I kinda regretted quitting at the time.
  5. Something I hope for in the future:  I want to be able to follow after book bloggers that are able to travel to meet authors, participate in events, get recognition and the sorts 🙂
  6. Something I hope for in the future II: My big dream is to be able to receive ARCs without requesting, and get asked to hold book events in the far future. Or near, I wouldn’t mind!!
  7. My dad doesn’t really support me buying books and stuff, but he understands that when I grow up, I would want to start out book blogging as a career. My mom on the other hand, supports this fully 😂 She doesn’t mind me buying books, participating in book events (like read-alongs and giveaways and stuff) and encourages me to continue! 😘

That’s all I have for today, hope you liked it!

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Have a wonderful day!

Love, JiaMing ❤️