My first ever – Purchased Bookmail!


Finally! If author Rhonda Sermon hadn’t created an amazon voucher giveaway, I may never have the chance to purchase books online!

Site: Amazon

Order date: January 27 2016

Arrival date: February 6 2016 (the day I left for an overseas trip… Since it at first said to be arriving 6 days after the actual date.

Which brings me to my next interesting story to tell. So since the expected date the package was suppose to arrive was later than the actual delivered date, my whole family wasn’t home to sign off the package.

The normal protocol, which I believe, was suppose to be leaving a letter and bringing the package back to the post office for you to self-collect. (since that’s what Gaynah, my bae, had to do.)  Instead, the intelligent postman left the package on the 2nd shelf of our empty shoe rack outside our apartment, which I’m guessing he’s trying to ‘hide’ it and hope that no one else takes it..?

Anyways, I’m not pissed or anything, just as a little confused as to why. My reaction weren’t that big since when i arrived home, I was feeling sickly. I wanted to wait till a few days later to unbox my package since I wanted to film it properly, but I couldn’t wait so I did a short ‘unboxing’ filming and got to finally touch my babies! (Link to that video of me unboxing my first book package here, when I’ve uploaded that video!)

Books purchased: 

  1. Prisoner of Night and Fog (paperback) by Anne Blankman ($9.99)
  2. Passenger (hardback) by Alex Bracken ($12.13)
  3. Cinder (paperback) by Merissa Meyer ($5.72)



    The shipping fee was craaaazy tho. $20.00 bro! Luckily I had that $25 dollar balance, if not I’d be broke! I’m not sure if I’ll be purchasing from Amazon anytime soon. Book dp, I’m coming for you. 

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    Have a wonderful day!

    Love, JiaMing ❤️