Meeting My Queen, Sarah J. Maas!

If you’ve read my blog posts, you would know that I looove Sarah J. Maas. She’s my QUEEEEN! ❤️❤️❤️ This is also my first time meeting an author and having my book personally signed! I’m Glad my first time was with Sarah 😊

Little meet-up exclusive she told us, at the end of this post. 


So I’m typing this exactly on the day that I met her! So me and my Friend decided to meet Sarah since I found out a few weeks ago that she’s doing an Asia Tour!! 

Firstly, you’ve got to know that authors NEVER really visit Asia, not including the Philippines -.- So it’s kind of a rush to find out that your queen is visiting your country.

So of course, me and my Friend had to rush after our EAP and POA supplementary at 5:30pm to travel to the other side of Singapore to make it on time at 7:00pm! 

We made it at 6:30 but the line was already so long, that when she arrived, we couldn’t hear the interview or the Q&A. 


When I gave Sarah my little note (with a pretty Eye of Elena that I drew), she said that my handwriting was nice and that Singaporeans just have a nice handwriting in general, while they, usually just scribble XD) and I was kind of obsessed. 😍 I literally died. 

When she was signing my book, I contemplated on asking her my question, but I just went for it. 

Me: Are you secretly Team Captain of the Guard?

My Queen: (not exactly what she said) Uhm, I think I’ll always be Team Celaena. I feel like she’s a strong woman and I want her to be happy with whoever she chooses to be with. If you’ve read Queen of Shadows (which I haven’t) you’d know why I love her so much. 


She said that the title of the fifth book of the TOG series would be revealed tonight at 11pm (SGT)! And that tomorrow’s meet up would contain a little something in a green bag. (I won’t be able to go tho!!)


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Have a wonderful day!

Love, JiaMing ❤️