Book Review – Emotions by Arnulfo Cantarero

picture © to readingraindrops (I don’t have a physical copy! 😭)

The author recently sent me the ebook version of his book ‘Emotions’ for a review, and I’ve sort of an inkling of what the book is about even before he sent me the synopsis. I was super interested in the book so of course, I wouldn’t turn him down!


Title: Emotions

Author: Arnulfo Cantarero

Genre: Sci-Fi

Reading timeline: 9 Feburary – 23 March 2016


Jason Ariaz is not your average 22 year old. He has been enhanced in many ways but that’s only the beginning. He is an emotionless extraterrestrial born to human parents and living amongst us. Both him and his implanted thinking computer were damaged on landing and must go through life as less than what they really are. The purpose of their mission: to gain permanent emotions from the more primitive society that is Earth. If he is successful, he will be the first of his species to do so in nearly 200,000 years.

Hope lies in the fact that he is capable of emotional episodes and he has been able to forge true friendships. However, he does have the chance of completing his mission if he can truly care for Ariel, the closest human in his life. But he better know his heart soon. Their lives are in danger of ending tonight, unless he can recover what his species has lost.


(I always try my best to give a spoiler-free review! So you can enjoy reading the book and my review with ease 🙂



Just a short review, but here it is! The prologue already pulled me into the world that author Arnulfo created (even though it honestly is kind of confusing. I don’t know if it is only in the error-ed version or not. :)) You would want to know the depths of emotions that Jason can feel and want to believe that he can feel at least something. 

It wasn’t really up to my expectations, but it is still a very good read! 🙂

Plot: This plot development is really slow. The first 2 chapters kind of confused me a lot and I had to re read the previous lines just to make sure I kind of got it. 

You only get pulled into the sorry when the real deal happens. I still kind of liked it though!!

I would want a physical copy just because❤️. But hey, we can’t have everything in life, so…eh! 😀

Awesome or nah:


( 3 out of 5)

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