Thoughts on: The Crown by Kiera Cass

These are the thoughts I had WHILE I was reading the book. I kind of referred what I said about Erik. Sorry boo!

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Title: The Crown (Selection #5)

Author: Kiera Cass

Published: 2016

Reading Timeline: 9 – 12 May 2016

My rating:

5 out of 5!


Kiera’s way with words. They can’t help but draw tears out of me. The way she easily weaves her characters into my heart really awes me.

You have an emotional pull towards them and it’s so amazing to experience this wonderful journey of love, decision, sisterhood, expectations and duties.

The Selection series has made its way into my life and I’ll always continue to learn from it 🙂

Thoughts on characters

Only ⛔️ marks spoilers. Please take note 🙂 Read with ease! Unless you haven’t read The Heir yet. Then…?

Eadlyn and Gunner:

I super appreciate Gunner’s honest front 🙂 Him being sure of what he really wants and feels literally saves everyone’s time. No joke. Like thank you, sir.

Eadlyn and Henri:

I feel like there’s always no personal connection with the two of them because anything they talk about needs to pass through another person (aka Erik)

There’s obviously chemistry between the two but there’s always a communication barrier that prevents them from exploring each other deeper.

⛔️ Eadlyn and Erik:

Hating him by the pages. I hope he doesn’t purposely miscommunicate or mistranslate to Henri for his own benefit. I’ll stab him with a corn if he does. 🌽

Awww. BUT my theory was wrong.

In The Heir, I was shipping Eadlyn with Erik. I can’t believe I doubted that. Thank you for marrying someone that you actually love and NOT Henri 🙂


This book is amazing and so worth the read 😀 Thank you Kiera Cass for the wonderful writings and I’ve enjoyed the whole open and raw Selection series.



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Selection fan always, Jia Ming ❤️