Let’s talk about: Beauty and the Beast 2017

Ready? Leggo.

The life action adaption for Beauty and the Beast has finally arrived and will be shared with everyone next year!

If you don’t know, Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favourite fairy tale. That’s why I loved ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas so much. (And I loved ACOMAF even more because Hades may just be my husband 😏)

Thoughts on casts:

Hermione Granger as Belle: I think that almost everyone knows that Emma Watson is confirmed to be playing Belle. Since she’s very loved for her character as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, a lot of the fans agrees that she’ll be perfect for this role.

But, I personally don’t really feel that she is right for the character but I won’t judge her even before I have a chance to see her in action.


The Beast: HOLY SHIT. I HAVE TO know who’s playing the Beast. I truly believe that the beast may as well be my boyfriend. But I won’t betray my Hades 😍 Or not.)

I think that the role of the beast is so important because there is a lot of raw emotions that needed to be portrayed by the actor and through that, making Beauty and the Beast whole and complete.


Overall, I’m super excited for this film and can’t wait to find out which hunk (I hope he would be) playing the most important role as the beast 😘 What do you think of the announcement of this life-action movie a while back? Are you excited? Or do you feel that these Disney movies are overrated? Let me know!

10/10 excited for the film.



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Have a wonderful day!

Love, Jia Ming ❀️