eArc Review: The Midnight Society 

It’s super fun and a privilege to have the chance to experience the change and progress Timesurfers have got since last year – which was my very first time getting an ebook AND winning a paperback from an author.

Since then, I think I’ve also developed with the spread of Timesurfers and now it’s republished to the world as the wonderful The Midnight Society.

Ready? Leggo.

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Title: The Midnight Society

Author: Rhonda Sermon

Publish: 31 May 2016

Reading Timeline: 28 May – 1 June 2016

My rating: ★★★★★


Yes. Definitely yes. So much better and clearer for first time readers and for those who read Timesurfers last year. Super glad that Rhonda kept Eve’s character as lively as always (and Jonah as quirky as always) and keeping the essence of Timesurfers in The Midnight Society. 

I just really love this book because I have already developed a connection to these characters that Rhonda has created. And I so wish that I’m part of this fantasy world. Because goals af.

Really glad that the essence still remained and it really is a little better than Timesurfers. I truly think that there is nothing to not like about The Midnight Society.

There is a very strong foundation of the plot which stabilises the character and the events that occurs. All those forbidden love and harsh truth about the things one will do to protect his or her loved one 👍🏼 (Chap 26)

** P.s I’ll forever support #TeamAustin till volume 2, The Midnight Elites, releasing this year and I get my answers.

Overall: A magical, wonderful book that makes me have the feels and I can’t wait for Volume 2, The Midnight Elite coming out end of 2016, this year. ❤️


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