Let’s talk about: Fun Midnight Society facts and what I would do if I was a timesurfer..

Ready? Leggo.

Fun facts:

1. History resets at midnight each night. Timesurfers see the manipulated time lines.

2. A Timesurfer can only visit a specific location and moment in time once during their entire existence. It’s called an aura clash.

If you attempt to revisit any moment in time, you’ll be flung off course, most likely into a parallel time dimension, and they’re hard to come back from. If you do manage to stay in this dimension, you’ll be battered and bruised or dead.

3. While your powers are developing, you’re in limbo, so you’re no longer an innocent, but not a Timesurfer yet.

4. Boy’s brains aren’t fully developed until they’re twenty-one. Some research says twenty-five. Poor choices tend to repeat themselves. (I can’t help but put this in here as a joke 😂)

Excerpts From: Sermon, Rhonda. “The Midnight Society.” iBooks. 

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If I was a timesurfer, I would..

1. Timesurf.

2. Give Naitanui and Mortez a visit. You know, just to say hi.

3. Surf back to the past to bitch slap anyone who made me angry in the present. Hehehe (though it might alter the past.. Good thinking ahead, me.)

4. Visit The Break because I’m expecting it to look as bomb as freaking Greece, from what I’ve visualised.

5. If Avon Valley in Australia is real, I’d like to surf there with Austin (cause #TeamAustin) and ride the Hot-air ballon with him (even though I’m afraid of height…) 😍

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