Let’s talk about: Buying books efficiently 

Everyone needs at least one person to give them little tips and tricks. 😏 Since I’ve been buying books for almost 2 years now, I thought I’d share 3 book-buying  hacks with those who actually reads my blogs 😊

Ready? Leggo. 

Buy books:

1. in another country where the exchange rate is lower e.g. 1 SGD = 2.8 RM

2. where you have a member card for a discounted price e.g. Popular Bookstore member card = 5% off every item. 

3. if there’s no hurry to HAVE TO buy it. For example, I wanted to buy Me Before You for quite some time now but I had too many TBRs so I waited a while.

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I went back yesterday with the intention of buying it and the price dropped by $2-$3! 😱 I’m pretty sure it’s because the hype is almost over.

This is from my own experience in the bookstore that I go back to EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Might not be the case for some bookstores in other countries. 



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Have a wonderful day!

Love, C Jia Ming ❤️