Review: Me before you 

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I seriously have no words to describe you this bittersweet experience that I just had. My heart is still a little raw, let it sit for a while, will you? (omggg, Will. Did I just said Will? I did)

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Title: Me before you

Author: JoJo Moyes

 First Published: 2012 (Movie Tie-in: 2016)

Reading Timeline: 11-13 June 2016

My rating:★★★★★

(5 🐝 out of 5)


(I always try my best to give a spoiler-free review! So you can enjoy reading the book and my review with ease 😊 spoilers marked with *)



I think that this book is about choices and the different definitions of happiness. For Will, he was confined in the wheelchair for almost 2 years now without being able to move his limbs. He doesn’t have that much control anymore but the choices he makes are within his control.

I am happy and sad about the decisions that he made but I think the least Lou could do was to be there by his side and go through with the choice that he made. And I’m glad she did that.

Main Characters:

Lou’s bright and cheery character brightens up everything. Though she may not know it, her usual actions and behaviour made a tremendous impact on Will.

I love how she was now so in-tuned with Will and how it was like second nature to consider him in everything she does. Like putting in rest stops for a 2 hour long drive to the wedding so that he’s comfortable. Feeding him without even the need to another thought.

Will Traynor is a character that makes you second guess your opinion on something. Like your opinion on ‘I’m not that person’ or your opinion on the way you are living was already fulfilled and content.

He makes you think further and draws out emotions in you. I just felt that I need to give him props for showing enough courage and resilience on going through with his decisions and putting his foot on the ground about the only thing that he has control of.

*Pg 342
I think Mary Rawlinson is the only person with the correct upbringing to actually go straight to the point and not beat around the bush and avoid being ‘ungrateful’, like talking about Will’s conditions outright. 

Rich, fancy, gracious people daren’t address Will’s conditions and acts as if nothing ever happened and everything was fine. Sneaking glances and not daring to whisper or gossip about it. These people are so disgusting.

Overall, totally a to-read and recommend for everyone of all age. It provides a wonderful experience of emotions and allows you to explore what there is o discover 😀



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