Review: Queen of Shadows

Ready? Leggo.

Title: Queen of Shadows

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Published: 2015

Reading Timeline: 23 June – 2 July 2016


9 out of 10!


“What a shame that the current owner of the Vaults had accidentally run into her knives. Repearedly.” Aelin slays again with her sarcasm.

This book will seriously keep you on your toes. Got through half the book in about two days. Those chapters at the end were horrible to go through. With series of gasps, ‘biiiitch‘ and ‘No,no,no

I think that I was a little confused with the introductions of so many  side-characters that became important that I didn’t like them, but now I realised that I unconsciously grew fond of them!

That plot twist (@pg 362 chapter 44) though! Sarah J. Maas totally made me freak out. I thought all hope was lost!! Damn, totally wasn’t expecting that! To Sarah J. Maas: More plot twists in the middle please! There’s not nearly enough and powerful as you lead on! (Though the last few were 👌🏼)

*Rowan totally got the hots for Aelin. PLEASE. They are like magnets with the like-poles facing each other but trying not to acknowledge it. 😏

And as always, I appreciate Sarah J. Maas for no cliffhangers.


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