Let’s Talk About: Reading Tips 101

Well, there’s no 101 tips here so if you’re here for the numbers… oops. But lets’ be honest, would you read 101 of them all?

Ready? Leggo.

Tip 1:

Try not to stop at random pages if you’re OCD like me and want to keep track of the story line if you’re stopping and continuing the next day. Maybe you can try to stop at chapters. Like what I do to keep from confusion. 

Tip 2:

Tab-ing your books while you read can help you when you re-read or when you want to blog about it, so you have reference.

Tip 3:

A lot of people are afraid of prologues it seems. My friend for instance. I think prologues does link to the story and is crucial but not necessary. If not it wouldn’t be there! It may allow you insights of what really happens. (like when I read Passenger)

Tip 4:

READ THE GODDAMN SYNOPSIS! Save yourself from the major confusion and lost of direction when reading. (especially if you’re a reviewer!)

Tip 5:

Use Goodreads. I think that using this app really helps. It is super quick, efficient and convenient way to keep track of your reading progress 😀

Tip 6:

Books marks. Need I say more?

Tip 7:

Skim through boring parts (if you’re really bored and can’t move forward). It gets better. I semi-swear it.

Tip 8:

Again, if you’re a neat freak like me, you can place your book in a clean, new or unused shoe bag/string bag or whatever to keep your precious hardcover or your fragile paperback safe.

Tip 9:

Don’t be an idiot, putting drinks on your books. Better safe than sorry.

Tip 10:

Just try to find/understand the meaning behind the author’s message to the readers through the book if you really didn’t enjoy it.


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Have a wonderful day!

Love, Jia Ming ❤️