eReview: The Hunted Series by Ivy Smoak

NOT TOLD TO PROMOTE THIS. But I really fell in love with this series I couldn’t help but make a blog post.

Ready? Leggo.

With Eruption ending with a fucking cliff-hanger Penny taking off her engagement ring, and DEVOTION coming out this fall, I’ve decided to make a review of the full updated series.

28575042#1 Temptation

: 9.5/10 stars!

Lots of people would think the ‘bumps into stranger at a coffee shop, spills coffee, falls on love’ is a cliche right? NOT. This doesn’t even do this book justice. So intense.

// Discretion: Super hot alert. Literally mature shit. But lol, who cares. It’s not like it’s illegal to read or not as  if I’m 12 or something. (I’m sure everyone here on bookstagram here are all very mature and have mutual understanding for each other but I’m putting it out there just incase there’s a ‘Judgemental Julie’ somewhere -.-) //


Love this god damn book! Super slow-paced but very good character and plot development. Totally worth my time and anticipation.

I get it. Teacher-student thing. But I feel like this made me realise that we have to respect others even though we have the freedom to do whatever we want to do or whoever we want to be with. I’ve been reading books about unconventional romance back to back recently, geez! I now understand more about the importance of mutual respect, trust and honesty in a relationship now. And Melissa is such a good friend! She’s such a darling 🙂

*Quote: “Professor Hunter laughed. He put down his plate, stood up, and sat down on the bed next to me. The tension in the room seemed to completely evaporate once he put his arm around me. He wasn’t a professor in our room anymore; he was my boyfriend. I was the luckiest girl in the world.

Melissa smiled at us. “Going from taking no risks to dating a professor is a huge leap. I didn’t really understand it. But seeing you two together…” Melissa shrugged. “I get it.”

#2 Addiction

Rating. 8.5/10 stars!28575058

In addiction, we picked up a little after where temptation left off with James pissed at Penny being underaged and all….


Something I like about this book is that even though it is a second books to a trilogy of sort, you will still get hooked into the plot. Though it is not as fresh and interesting as the first book, it was still super enjoyable.

What I find interesting is that this unconventional love story is so dense that when you read through the book, you sometimes get blindsided and the plot twist hits you hard. Great ‘trick’. And the emotions that the author brought out in this book as well, was just pure perfection. The feels hit me hard.

#3 Eruption


Rating. 10/10 stars!

So we picked up where Addiction left off with James proposing to Penny, two years later. With Penny graduating College and Penny and James getting married in two weeks time.


I think the thing that made me so made was that Isabella swoops in and fucks everything up, but I guess that’s the climax of the whole story.

The emotions in this book is indescribable. I’m so going to share this series w EVERYONE.
I was super drawled into this book that I’ve finished it so quickly! I could not believe how devastated I got when Penny and James didn’t work out. I literally sobbed.
I really recommend this book to EVERY. ONE.

How Ivy Smoak was able to instil so much emotions, plot and character development throughout the three books in this series still continues to amaze me. No news on the next instalment, devastated, shocked and freaking out, I’m still looking forward to it. Even joined Ivy Smoak’s ARC team!! ❤



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