eReview: Inception by Bianca Scardoni

It made me wonder what it would feel like to be loved in that way by someone… To be loved in that way by him.

I don’t usually read paranormal fiction on ebook format and I always keep to quick contemporary reads on devices but I came across this book from another author and the preface was written so wonderfully that I’ve just decided on a whim to review it 😀

Ready? Leggo.


Title: Inception (The Marked #1)

Author: Bianca Scardoni

Published: 2015

Reading Timeline: 11-12 August 2016

My Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★

10/10 stars 


Wow. I’ve never had an author who wrote a prologue, or what this book called ‘preface’ as powerful. I was in a mental shock of how impactful it was. No joke.

Skip to the next segment of my review if you’re too lazy to read excerpt! 

Wanted to share this amazing writing with you! Read it slowly and you’ll feel it…. I hope.

“The most dangerous enemy is not the one who lingers behind you in the shadows, but the one who walks beside you as a friend. They shape the world around you with well-constructed lies, entombing you in the gossamer of their deceit. You’ll never know their true face, for they shed their masks in layers—meticulous and devious, like the skin of an ever-changing snake.

I walked hand in hand with my enemy, allowed their kiss of death to linger on my lips while the world disintegrated around me.

I couldn’t see through the smoke and mirrors; too consumed with fighting a destiny I didn’t want; too afraid to let go of a life I wasn’t meant to have. Running only brought me closer to them. Back to where I started. Back to my inevitable fall from grace. One misstep was all it took, and it all came crashing down. And they were right there waiting for it—eager and ready to bury me in the wreckage.

The stage had been set. The actors were in place. Everything was a lie, and I never saw it coming.”

Excerpt From: Scardoni, Bianca. “Inception (The Marked Book 1).” iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.

General: The whole writing is just so detailed, rich and enthralling it makes me excited to read it! This book portrays the story in a very unique way.I was really drawn towards the character because of such good plot and character development that Bianca Scardoni written out beautifully.


Plot and character development: I feel that this book really draws out emotions in me and the plot and character development was really, very, from the bottom of my heart, wonderfully crafted and weaved. I feel like I had an emotional connection with Jemma thoughout the entire book and I noted down “Jemma’s my kind of girl” while I was reading on iBooks.

There were lots of time I laughed out loud and couldn’t get enough of the author’s way with words x humour XD There were so many good ones that lightens the mood and seriousness of the ‘scene’ at appropriate (or sometimes even inappropriate) times and I appreciated that.

Overall: The emotional rollercoaster that wraps around the intense atmosphere in this book is really captivating and I would read this book again in a heartbeat.



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