Book Review: Scarlet

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Title: Scarlet

Author: Marissa Meyer 

Published: 2013

Reading Timeline: 22 July – 11 August 2016

My Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★

10/10 stars 


Generally: I really enjoyed the mini plot twists in this book. My friend was so skeptical about this book and disliked it but to me, BAE.

Thoughts on plot: It was really impactful to see what Cinder was like when she was a child, burnt to the flesh. Now we can’t really blame her because she never really had any choice – of being a cyborg, not being human, not being able to cry or having to memories.

The horrors and prejudice she’s been through as a cryborg and now being looked down upon and trashed on about how she was evil, manipulative and using Prince Kai 😡


It was already a miracle that whe us alive and is the beautiful woman she is now. I’m sure her Father would have been very proud of her. (Omg whyyy. I’m tearing up as I write this. Geez!)



* My sister said this when I told her Kai was marrying Levana even before I got to the end of the story… I Guess her quite foretold the future 😂 “Instead of a ring, he gave her a crown.”

…while others were already brawling and taunting each other. Making their place. Choosing their hierarchy. Just like the animals they were.

Thoughts on different POVs: I feel that what’s so powerful in Levana POV is that we see how those packs aren’t meant to be animals. They’re not meant to be treated this way; unless they chose to.

I love the impact that this whole story has developed into, with so many different people involved in this crazy story – Kai, Levana, Cinder, Throne, Scarlet, Wolf and even Iko.

They have their own story to tell in such a short book but Marissa Meyer managed to do just that; created this world and told their stories not just through narration but from what we can imply but how other characters feel about another.

Overall: I just think that this book has an underlying power and beauty to it 🙂



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