Let’s Talk About: Irresponsible Ratings

Emma from Emmmabooks recently talked about ratings on her ‘want-to-read’ on Empire of Storms and I totally agreed. Thus, this blog post. After so long XD

I just need to get this off my damn chest but for those of you dissing my queen Sarah J. Maas because the plot doesn’t satisfy you, get a grip. And maybe get a life while you’re at it too. 


I find it rude and annoying when people either a) rate a book 5 stars before it even comes out or b) rate it one star when they haven’t even read it yet.

a) What happened to helpful ratings for the community? Okay first, rating are not only just a place for you to express your feelings. It is mostly for the benefit of the author on areas they need to improve, and for readers who are interested in reading a particular book who wants to know the feedback (if it’s worth the buy/read) from the reading community. By you rating it based on whether you hate or love the author is basically selfish and bullshit.

b) If you rate a book one star just because either 1) Your friend told you that the books wasn’t good and they didn’t enjoy it, 2) You have something against the books or the author, or 3) THE MOVIE you watched wasn’t good so the books must be too. Keeping in mind that you haven’t even picked up or read the damn book.


Just wanted to say that authors take their time to plot, plan and write out a book. It is their creation and an honest opinion would really be the least they should expect. Even if you don’t want to give an opinion, then just shut up about it. No one paid you to open your mouth and spit crap about others.

Just know that this book community is about supporting other readers and authors, not to pull them down because we’re all on the same cause sharing the same interest 🙂



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Have a wonderful day!

Love, Jia Ming ❤️