eReview: Invidious by Bianca Scardoni

I am still very grateful that author Bianca agreed to provide me an ebook copy of Invidious in return for a review because I couldn’t let go of Inception’s cliffhanger ending! 😍

Ready? Leggo.


Title: Invidious (The Marked #2)

Author: Bianca Scardoni

Published: July 2016

Reading Timeline: 6-11 August 2016

My Rating:


7.5/10 stars


General: I really think that the way this book picked up in the beginning wasn’t as good as I had expected it to be, but I don’t blame it since Inception set the bench mark pretty high up as one of my favourite intro of all time. But the story line did pick up pretty amazing after that! ❤️

Plot and Character Development:  Jemma: I don’t think I feel much of a change from Jemma at all because she still had heaps of doubt in her and also the fact that she cat handle the harsh reality at some point, though I find that she’s getting there.

Dominic: I had a vibe that there was a hint of emotion that Dominic portrayed towards Jemma.. It is as though he softens a little when it comes to her. As I’ve said in my Goodreads review about Dominic’s old-lover kind of vibe, I’m not mad about it. 😏

Overall: I would definitely recommend this book to all paranormal/ romance lovers because there really is nothing to not like about. It is actually quite fun to learn facts about this book in an interesting way – Jemma’s Demonology Quiz by Gabriel. Super interesting!!👌🏼



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