eArcReview: Devotion by Ivy Smoak

“You promised you wouldn’t push me away again, James. You promised.”

Oh my Gosh! I can’t believe I’m done with this series!! From the day I started reading ‘Temptation’, I already fell in love with these characters. And when I found out it was a series, I couldn’t be more pumped to get through them!! And now I’m finally at the end point, it’s kind of sad to put these characters away 😦


Title: Devotion (The Hunted Series #4)

Author: Ivy Smoak

Releasing on: October 27 2016

Reading Timeline: 6-8 October 2016

My Rating:


10/10 stars


I loved how easy it was to get back into this series and this world. I was only 3% into the book and waterworks already started on their own account. Me to my tears be like, “Mdm, hello. please return to your assigned seat.” It was no joke that I either cried or tear up in about 75% of most scenes. NO. JOKE.


Plot: I have always loved this series because of its dense and captivating plot filled with so much emotions. Devotion opened up so many opportunities for so many different characters. Matt and Melissa, Rob and Daphne, Rory and Kiera, even Justin who seemed just as gay and amazing 😂 I was really in love with the emotions that this book brought out if me with the crying and laughing *about breaking up, marriage, gun shot. You know*.



Development throughout the whole series: There has been a continuos and stable development of the plot and the characters. Ivy did amazing by incorporating the two together so nicely that it was as though Penny and Hunter were my friends too. I have read ‘Third Chances’ and Playing the Player’ (both standalone) before I read this last book in this series, so I felt that I had a more personal connection and understanding with these other side characters in this book ^^


1) For anyone who has started the Hunted Series or have read Eruption and is waiting for Devotion, IT IS WORTH THE DAMN WAIT.

2) For readers who are considering reading this series, you would not regret this decision 🙂



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