BLOGMAS: 3 facts about me?

Countdown: 3 days till christmas


Ahhhh, I’m late for day 3 and I’m super guilty! I haven’t done anything productive today except for slacking for doing my pile of homework due in less than a weeks time… But let’s go!

3 facts about me:

1. I’ve been doing ballet for 7 years 😀 (I’m able to start pointe training next year, but it’ll be $$ 😦 )


© to Greg Waters

2. I aspire to be a designer and then go into arts teaching – creating magazine covers, online pages, illustrate advertisements or posters to bring across message in a fun and interactive manner.

3. I freaking love hand-drawn illustrations and hand lettering. I really appreciate anything done/started by artists with a pen or pencil (before they make them into soft copy versions)

An example of an artist whose works I really like!


© to Sam Larson





Happy Holidays!

Love, Jia Ming ❤️