eArc Review: Made of Steel by Ivy Smoak

An equal sprinkle of mystery, romance and hotness, Made of Steel brings the feels in Ivy Smoak’s first book in her new series. Links in the picture below.

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Title: Made of Steel #1

Author: Ivy Smoak

Publishing: 14 March 2017

Reading Timeline: 2-2 March 2017

My Rating:


10/10 stars

(I always try my best to give a spoiler-free review! So you can enjoy reading the book and my review with ease 😊 spoilers marked with *)


Like I’ve said in all my reviews, I have always read Ivy’s books with so much expectations because she has never disappointed me in any of her novels. This book is quite different from her usual hot and sexy romance novels. This Romantic Suspense really portrays Ivy’s vast range of her writing skills. There is lots of intensity in this first book (which, damn it, I’ll have to wait for the next sequel!) and it really gives a lot of substance to the entirety of the book!

Life’s tough. The sweet, kind-hearted, loving and patient new guy that she really likes, Eli. Or the man that she has loved for years, Miles, who wasn’t there when she needed him? The struggle. Is. Real. (Whoops. Did I forget to add the mysterious yet hot hero, V, that saves her life all time? Yeah.)


First impression/ intro: I loooove the light-hearted and innocent beginning to the book!! The adorable eight-year-old-kid’s romance definitely drew me in, but what caught me like a deer in the headlights were the unexpected words spoken – little things that a nine year old says that are so simple and innocent, yet really pulls at your heart strings.

“Are you happy?” His voice was quieter, like he was scared to hear my answer.

No one had asked me that in a long time. Was I happy? “I miss them. I miss them every day.”


Thoughts on book characters:

Summer: This book started off with Summer being such a bright and lovely child, yet as the book progresses, you can really feel and visualise the change she has gone through. I think what makes this book really amazing is that you can tell how affected Summer was by her abuse, through her little cringes and reactions to just a simple touch.

Miles: Hmmm, an interesting topic. I can’t really say if I’m okay with Miles or not, because even though this book tells me insights of the caring, loving and sincere child and teen he was, the reasons of him and Summer suddenly not contacting each other, really leaves a big gap to fill. The transition of when he last contacted Summer and the man he is now, is still a mystery and an important part as to whether Miles is a yay or nay.

V(vigilante): Hot, sexy, brave and a hero, V left me confused. From the book, we know that deep down he cares a lot for Sadie because he was willing to put his life on the line to keep her out of danger. BUT WHO THE HECK IS HE. I NEED ANSWERS ASAP.


Like most characters in this book, V is still an untouched canvas, which the artwork himself can end up in so many variations, and I’m excited to see.

Eli: The big, who-the-fcuk-even-are-you right now!


He started of as normal, cute college boy-next-door-guy vibe, but now I’m just asking the same question I’ve been asking myself since shit got way deeper than I expected, and its, “HUH?! What now?” This character definitely has a huge space for endless possibilities. So does all the other characters, actually.

Overall: As the story progresses, you’ll come to find that things aren’t as easy and as simple as they may seem. You’ll start to see that people are lying, whether they’d be a good or bad lie.

Because of how this first book ended, the gaps left a really big possibility for author Ivy to fill in. This really impressed and annoy me at the same time, because there’s nothing we can be certain about in this book right now and it keeps you asking so many questions that makes you so intrigued.

Definitely a rollercoaster of a journey that won’t disappoint!



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