Hello! I’m Jia Ming!

Few things to start of with; I’m a sarcastic individual who is extremely straightforward (may or may not be a good thing…)

My bookstagram is an evidence that I am passionate about photography. But I take all my pictures with my phone! 😅 My dream is to pursue a career in publishing or design. I am a proud practitioner of arts including fine arts, ballet and choir (aka singing) 🙂

Top Genres:

  1. YA Fantasy
  2. Contemporary Romance
  3. Sci-Fi

When I’m bold enough:

  1. Historical Fiction
  2. Contemporary


I would love for any of you to approach me wth any enquiries, requests or anything you’d like o share with me! I’m always up for making new friends ❤

I’m not that interesting. So… Click here to go back to read my blogs 🙂